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now live: (more or less...)

Link Blog

a collection of helpful and entertaining links (sometimes) related to creative development.

2° Degree Project

a project to highlight the creative efforts within a two degree of seperation of southern dojo


[BLOG] A Wordpress blog collaboration about video games. Still in development.

True Crime Japan

[PODCAST] Dino and Gigi discuss real crime events from Japan.

Wayne McLemore's Portfolio

the online portfolio of the creator of Wayne McLemore. please feel free to browse and contact him if you're interested in discussing a project.


a bi-weekly video game podcast and live streaming collaboration with three ladies in the Tokyo area.


super simple page for a musician.

coming soon:


geolocation messaging system. this will be the base for a more indepth content distribution platform.

Media Showcase

intended to be a generous collection showcasing media created by the southern dojo community


a link to the new homepage digs that are in development

on the shelf:


Welcome to Southern Dojo.


The "About" section is still just a draft, but feel free to take a gander:


For over 12 years now, I've developed a strong passion for community. Maintaining daily, face-to-face, real-life, meaningful encounters with people around us is so very important. However, our daily lives are so fast paced and there are many distractions. We often prefer to stare endlessly at our smart phones, consuming countless amounts of media experiences created by people we will likely never meet. What about the artists and entrepreneurs in your community? We have the technology to produce and distribute media and services like never before, but many communities lack the mentality and infrastructure to legitimately support local artists and local businesses.


We're beginning to create the infrastructure necessary for local artists and businesses to gain supplemental audience/customer reach within their own community without fear of being marginalized by professionally generated media created by impersonal, large corporations capable of swallowing local markets whole. Our primary project is a geolocation content distribution platform, designed to allow users to tag and unlock media around their physical location. In addition, we are also working hard to start collaborative projects, showcase existing noteworthy projects in our community, and discover other ways to offer support for local artists and local businesses.


Geolocation is what I believe to be the answer for a more balanced digital distribution model. By clicking "yes" to continue on the main page, you can view the current work in progress. I am currently handling over 95% of the development process by myself. But soon, the platform will be ready for user testing and then hopefully more support from the community.


If this project is something that excites you and that you think our society and communities need, then please feel free to contact us via Facebook or Twitter or better yet, face-to-face to get involved. What worth would this project be without a collaborative community?


That is all for now. I have much more to explain and write about, but little by little, right? Please feel free to try out the geolocation platform and also check out some of the other projects listed below. And if you have any specific questions or comments, feel free to contact me personally through either the Southern Dojo Facebook page or Twitter account. Liking/following on those sites would also be appreciated. Cheers and here's to the future!