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The media section has had an upgrade and now includes a handful of music for your enjoyment. Check it out!

The geolocation messaging system now has basic functionality! It's rough around the edges but will be updated overtime. Messages expire after one week, and the red marker must be within 10 miles of a note in order to retrieve it. Feel free to leave write and leave your own messages wherever and to whomever you wish. Please use responsibly. Check it out here.

We're still working on the website but making progress. (A reminder that the site is being developed for mobile first, versions optimized for desktop will follow.) Also, the Sandbox is now available through a link on the bottom of the slider menu. Or you can access it here.

The misutacoffee blog now has basic functionality. now he just has to write some stuff.

True Crime Japan has gotten more than 200,000 plays on iTunes! Congrats to Dino and Gigi! And special thanks to everyone listening!

The Stanley Saber Show has released a new trailer video!


Hi, and thank you for your interest in Southern Dojo. Do you know where you are and what we aim to do? In a nutshell, Southern Dojo is a digital distribution platform committed to supporting local content creators and businesses in our communities. This translates to promoting and producing collaborative content, as well as developing alternative methods of digital distribution using geolocation.

Questions yet? Great! The Southern Dojo website is currently experiencing a major overhaul, so please excuse our mess. In the meantime, please explore our collaborative projects and look forward to a steady release of demos developed to showcase our geolocation distribution ideas.

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