Wayne McLemore

Media Design - Videography - Web Dev - Producer

I like to make cool stuff. I like to help people make cool stuff.


Support for community, local artists and local businesses. Face-to-Face Communication. Networking and creating solutions needed for a community to thrive.

Powershift. Let's use the technology and knowledge we have to develop solutions that enrich our lives and the lives of those in our community.

What can I do for you?

I'll do whatever I can to encourage inter-communal support and growth. I'll make contents. I'll build stuff. I'll connect you. I'll help check your blind spot. I'll fight for the interests of you and the community.



Cameras, Lenses, Editing, Directing, Premiere, After Effects

Visual Design

Graphics, Icons, Photoshop, Illustrator

Web Dev

Front-end - HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Back-end - PHP, SQL


Producer, Project Manager, Japanese Proficiency, Researching on Google


Fall 2015 Reel Directing, Camera, Editing

This reel is an odd smorgasbord of random clips filmed throughout the past 7 years or so. Video and film is something that I want to explore more. I have experience directing, camera-work, DSLR cameras, lenses, editing, and creating simple effects.

*music by "Man Meets Bear", a friend who was gracious to let me use one of his songs for my reel.

Visit Man Meets Bear

On Location Camera B (for Vox Media's Eater.com)

Infographics After Effects, Premiere

Documentary Directing, Camera


Other Camera, *Editing



I try to produce and highlight the amazing work of people in my personal network and community. The following projects (including this portfolio design) are a glimpse at some of the work I've done recently. Some are more polished, but some need more work. I hope you can get a feel for not just my abilities, but also my passions.

Southern Dojo Homepage

The launch page for my website, Southern Dojo. It's still not as good as I want it to be, but it's been a learning experience and I'm thankful for it. Feel free to use the TV/audio Player there to listen to some fantastic public domain* content. The site will eventually be a launch page into a larger service.

Visit Site

Supersonic Deluxe

This project was a simple mobile-designed prototype created for a friend to pitch to potential investors. The concept is a live streaming platform that allows users to directly bid for advertising space on another user's live stream, creating an open market for advertising for live-streaming content. It's not functional, but the UI navigation is largely intact.

Visit Site


Perhaps the most notable collaboration for me to date. A website created for a group of ladies and their passion for horror video games. The site was constructed completely from scratch, hosting the bi-weekly podcast and announcements about upcoming live streams. The site includes an admin area for updating their page from a convenient console. The logo was also created by another fellow content creator.

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A smaller, but still aesthetically uber-simple creation for a folk-rock musician.

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And More to Come!

There are many other smaller projects and interesting glimpses into other projects and ideas. I hope to be adding more and updating regularly, but for now, I greatly appreciate your interest in my work. I hope to collaborate with you on a project sometimes soon. Cheers!

*all content on Southern Dojo is presumed to be public domain, fair use, or being used with permission from the copyright holder. we do not knowingly host any infringing content, for that is not in the spirit of our vision. please contact us if you have any claims or concerns.


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